Too dumb, too young to realize, that I should have brought you flowers….

Too dumb, too young to realize, that I should have brought you flowers and held your hand…and now my baby’s dancing and she’s dancing with another man….

Quote from the song, When I was your man, by Bruno Mars.  Video and song below.

So bittersweet.  Something about this song really hit my mushy center this weekend and not necessarily because I personally had a sad situation with a significant other but becasue over tea, someone had been able to verbalize what I had been thinking for a while now. It was that I had noticed how all around me and in this world are people who are just not present to their surroundings and the people around them.  They are too busy, unaware, ignorant, egocentric, selfish (and quoting my friend, insert conveniently before each adjective), which is the real observation here.  We all have known someone like this and probably have someone like this in our lives.  I often wonder how we suddenly become surrounded with people who don’t value, notice or appreciate our gifts and the gifts of others.  Is this done by us intentionally through our subconscious.  Did we secretly hope that by being givers, people would one day take note?  Isn’t that the definition of a martyr? and have we therefore set ourselves up for the biggest dissapointment?

I also wonder from the other side, has society in general become so cynical, guarded and de-sensitized that everyone just looks like clones of one another.  Are we passing through life never allowing ourselves to be touched by a person who could possibly make a positive influence in our lives, should we allow the ice around us to melt.  Or would we prefer to wallow in whatever it is that keeps us down because it’s become so comfortable, familiar and therefore seek the same in company?     

hmmm, something to think about.

But please take a listen to the words of this song and see if they touch you the way they touch me.  Keep in mind, I’m a huge mush 🙂

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