We are all probably living someone else’s dream….













Do you find yourself constantly thinking about how great it will be when you get to a certain place, or a moment in your life, a peak on your mountain of life… I certainly have found myself contemplating these thoughts and then at the same time, looking at my own thoughts and saying, how silly, you are probably there already and are just too desensitized to feel or know it.

It happens everyday all around us and the days pass us by convincing us that we haven’t achieved any type of success that warrants merit.  Haven’t you had a conversation with someone who you think has achieved something amazing and then they say it, they say something that tells you that they haven’t achieved it or that they have a long way to go to achieve success.  Most of the time, we think to ourselves,…are you nuts, you’re there? but the truth is, we all do it.  We don’t live enough in the moment to feel grateful, to feel proud of the success we have achieved thus far.  We don’t have enough of those happy moments. 

I think it’s great to set goals and to want to achieve success, but I also think we don’t give ourselves enough credit and we spend too much time being dissapointed and not enough time being grateful. 

At the end of the day, we are all probably doing something that someone else wishes they were doing…we all have something we should be extremely grateful for.  I know I do 🙂 xo


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