What inspires you?

I for one become utterly obsessed with certain authors, writers, things, books, scenario’s.  All of which always have a sense of romance, irresistable devotion, passion, or honor.  All the things that are important to me.  Find what inspires you, dig deep…and emmerse yourself in it.  I have always kept journals and jotted down things that inspired me at each point in my life.  Things that helped me get through certain times, things I needed to help me grow.   Some of them were very simple quotes, others poems, others movie or book lines.  Looking back, this process was an integral part of developing my inspiration stationary company and this blog which supports the inspiration behind my work.  I leave you with this quote I have scripted in my journal from years ago… 

The source of your thoughts and feelings about other people, about things, about situations, is you.  When you see darkness, it is your darkness.  When you see beauty, it is your own beauty.  Grasp this concept, and you change your world!


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