Who is the person who invites you to blossom and grow?

What I’m saying is that love – the butterflies in the stomach emotion-does not conquer all.  Real love, that which forms  and informs a lasting relationship is more than a fast food fix of a good feeling.  It is the quiet recognition and ongoing appreciation of another person, the experience of continually sharing what is important to you.  When we love, we love the other who most fully gives us an experience of our best and most essential self.

You will love and have a happy life with the person whose looks, nature, habits, preferences, values and priorities call forth the truest expression of yourself, the person who invites you to blossom and grow.  It is with this person that you truly have the potential of enjoying a relationship “till death do you part.”

– Taken from a book that really helped me get through some tough stuff!!

Coming Apart, Daphne Rose Kingma


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