Why do some get inspired…and others don’t?

Do you ever wonder why some people are inspired by emotional moments and others aren’t.

It doesn’t take much for me to cry, so, this isn’t out of the ordinary for me, but watching Rion Paige perform on X Factor and hearing her story touched me so much.  I have known many people who have physical or mental disabilities that unfortunately present challenges and obstacles in their lives.  I have also met people who are crippled with some sort of insecurity which surprisingly, presents a similar challenge.

I’ve often wondered why some people get inspired by things, stories, events and it motivates them and others,…well..nothing.

I have spent hours, days and months talking to people in hopes of helping them and trying to help them see that it really is perspective, that is, if you focus on everything that is going wrong, well, of course you are going to be miserable and full of self pity.  But what if you changed your perspective and looked at all the things that were going great or good or that could improve if you put a little attention on it.. could your mood change?

Rion Paige from Jacksonville Florida is only 13 but she is already a “powerhouse” singer. She has a congenital condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which has caused permanent damage to her arms, causing her hands to be fixed in an a bent position. She is also blind in her right eye from glaucoma.  She says that music helps her deal with her frustration.

So the reality is, an estimated 1 in 10,000 people worldwide are affected by the disorder.  This little lady isn’t saying that it’s easy, but she certainly didn’t let it hold her back or kill her spirit.  I am positive that it has something to do with the amazing support system that is evident in her mom and I’m sure her surroundings.  It’s so clear that not only did her mom instill in her that she has everything she needs to succeed,  but also reminded her of how special and perfect she is, just as she is. This is what we should be telling all our children.  I read a story like this and I think, how wonderful!! and it instantly inspires me.

Just writing this, brings a bit of emotion to my heart.  Our souls are all so injured, sometimes it seems like we never had a chance.  And there are times when I certainly have felt this way, but thankfully, it’s been a while since I have felt hopeless.  These days, I take advantage of every opportunity around me to feel grateful and to also learn from my own mistakes as well as the mistakes of others.

I really believe that we can all change our perspective to try and see the brighter side of things, to appreciate what is going right in our lives and to feel empowered that it is our own strength and will that will get us through the hard times.  Sweet little Rion can find strength in her love of music and so can we call find a source of strength to help us overcome our obstacles or to at least make peace with things.

Watch Rion’s performance on X Factor here:



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