Will you live for him?


A friend of mine recently went on a job interview for an assistant position and the woman behind the desk presented this question to her.  Would you live for him?  My friend had no qualms about her answer,..in her head ofcourse, she thought, hellzzz no! but on the outside she just grinned. 

Now, my friend is very dedicated and loyal but agreeing to live for someone else just seemed a little too big of a task to ask for, in her opinion.  She almost couldn’t believe this was even asked.  When she told me, it kind of reminded me of that movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, where the gal sacrifices everything she loves for her job.  And although she loves her job, when do you draw the line? 

Even though you may love your job, there are other things and people in life to see and experience….  So, my question is, how much is your life worth to you and are you willing to sell it for the right price, situation, or even a significant other.  Are you compromising too much?

You can find this lovely postard at www.vanillaclouds.com .  Photo by Frank Milne


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