You are good enough!

  • We sometimes make excuses as to why we don’t deserve the best. 
  • We say that our relationship with our partner is good enough and that other people have much worse relationships.
  • We don’t reach for our dreams because doing so would make us feel too selfish. 
  • When I was younger I was afraid of being myself. I constantly wanted to conform to others in order to be liked and appreciated. 
  • I’ve learned that if you show the real you, not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. The people who are worth your time will appreciate you for who you are. And you will have deeper, more meaningful relationships as a result. 
  • In high school we aren’t taught what healthy relationships look like and what is and isn’t acceptable.  We make excuses for other people’s behavior, even though it is hurtful to us. We hope that they will change and think that perhaps we can mold them into better people. 
  • Love isn’t supposed to be fearful. Love means accepting a person, flaws and all. But it’s also about mutual respect for each other. It’s about fully appreciating a person without trying to change them. It’s about free will.
  • As I grew into a stronger woman, I realized that who I am is wonderful, and that no one was going to convince me otherwise or try to change me. I also decided to stop hoping I could change other people.
  • I realize now that I can only open up to all the good I deserve in life if I stop obsessing about what people think of me and fully realize that, just as I am, I am good enough.
  • We are all good enough, and we all deserve the best. We just have to believe it.
These were my favorite exerpts from an article I found while researching this topic.  Please take a minute to read the entire article here 🙂

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