You’re gonna be ok…tips for healing your broken heart


Your tears are important, they are the vehicle through which healing occurs.  Respect them, don’t be ashamed…give them room and time.

Once you accept that this has ended, you can begin healing.

Pamper yourself.  Give yourself permission to be in transition, which means, eat ice cream..over sleep, wallow, watch sappy movies, read, take a ridiculous amount of yoga classes…essentially, do whatever makes you feel good.

Be compassionate towards yourself.  You are going through a highly charged and sensitive experience.  There is no right or wrong way to feel.  Just feel….

You don’t have to know all the answers and the truth is, you may never know.  We don’t always get closure so don’t be dependent on this to move on.  Be ok with time, the truth will reveal itself.

You don’t need to be the hero in a breakup nor do you need to be the victim.  It’s a sad situation all around.  Just accept it and move on.

Respect your fears, accept your uncertainty and understand that you won’t be functioning with the same rationale that you would in a normal stable situation.  You may do stupid things, say silly things…it’s ok.

….and most importantly, don’t be tough on yourself.  Love yourself, put your attention on the positive things going on in your life.  Honor your own needs without having to seek outside approval and cultivate inner peace because that is truly one of the most attractive qualities anyone can ever have! xoxo


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